ChargeAll designed to supply power to laptops and smartphones on the go

New charging device ChargeAll compatible with all kinds of electronics.

Running out of battery when most needed is not an uncommon happening, every once in a while, electronic manufacturers have come out with portable chargers, however, none have an all in one compatible feature. The new ChargeAll promises to solve this woe, a light-weighted lithium ion battery which boasts of a USB and a traditional power outlet, claims to power almost any device requiring 85 watts of power or less.


Claiming to be the “world’s smallest portable outlet”, ChargeAll is currently available in two versions, the smaller Portable one measures  6 x 1 x 4 inches while the larger power device is 7.25 x 1 x 5.25.

The battery unit is easy to carry and offers 1200 mAh of power. The company claims that the ChargeAll can provide around seven charges for a smartphone and two full charges for a Macbook or a similar laptop twice.

Moreover, the company has also claimed that the device can run a desktop fan for 15 hours, a small TV for about four hours and also a curling iron for four hours. The ChargeAll can be a great device while camping.

The manufacturing of the device has been funded by a crowdfunding site and  has reached a triple of its original funding goal.

Photo Credits: Wonderful engineering

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