Sling TV launches new devices to allow TV viewing anywhere

Tv on the go is no more a luxury.

TV Everywhere or the ability to watch TV online has become a fairly common. The Slingbox is here to broaden horizons and is launching a new entry-level device known as the Sling box M1. The company is also launching a brand new operating system in its premium Slingbox 500 device and it will be called the Sling TV.

Sling box M1

The device will replace the age old Slingbox 350 and the M1 will also bring more features with a lower price point. The device will also include the ability to stream live and record TV to PCs, Macs, Androids and iOS devices. The M1 also offers the same connection options as the 350 and will have component and composite connections from the TV or DVR box and not HDMI.

The Slingbox M1 is priced at $150 and offers some exclusive features like the addition of a wifi connection which was earlier only available only in the premium Slingbox 500. The new device will also have the latest slingplayer for the Desktop app for PCs and Macs.

The company claims that the new feature will dramatically improve the set up and configuration. No monthly fees is charged but the mobile apps will cost $15.

Photo Credits: mshcdn

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