Sky Now TV launches support for Sony PS4

Sony PlayStation 4 to now be equipped with Sky Now TV.

Services of the Sky Now TV will be available for download on Sony’s PS4. With this development on-demand and catch up service will be introduced on the next generation consoles for the first time. The service is already available on PS3 and Xbox 360 of Microsoft.

Now TV

Now TV can be downloaded as three subscriptions packages – the entertainment month pass and Movie Month pass and Sky sports Day pass.

The Entertainment month pass allows subscribers to watch live TV from Sky Atlantic and several Sky partners including Gold with streamed catch- up and on-demand content all for £4.99 per month.

The Movie pass can be subscribed for £8.99 per month and has live access or on-demand streaming of films which are available on Sky Movies and Sky Box Office. This also includes some of the recent films which have not yet arrived on other streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Instant Video.

The PS4 has become the latest product to get Now TV’s support. The service is already available on Mac, PC, iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Photo Credits: Gizmodo

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