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Gaza-Israel games on the Android store banned by Google

Google pulls out more Gaza-Israel games on the Android store as they violate Google’s terms and conditions.

In the last few days, the number of games that have come up and been taken down on the Play store is very high. Google is cracking the whip on games that are cashing in on the popularity of the ongoing Gaza-Israel conflict. The number of banned games based on the ongoing Arab world conflict have gone up in the last few weeks.

google bans Gaza Isreal games

Rocket Pride, by Best Arabic Games was the most recent game to be taken down by Google. The game had players maneuver Israel’s Iron Dome missile system. 

Another game that was banned is Iron Dome by Gamytech, where players had to “intercept the rockets launched by Hamas.”

People around the world are questioning the emergence of this kind of a genre where such a serious issue is being trivialized and war is being glorified.

The Director of the Council for Arab-British Understanding, Chris Doyle, said “Games that glorify violence or normalize conflict when referring to an actual conflict that is happening as we speak are deeply problematic and deeply distasteful.”

He also added that companies that host games like these should be more careful and should have a strict policy that does not allow them to thrive.

Some other game titles that have been blocked by Google:

  • Whack the Hamas – When a Hamas member emerges from a tunnel, the player has to ‘whack’ them.
  • Gaza Assault: Code Red – The player is in control of an Israeli drone and has to bomb buildings and people below.
  • Bomb Gaza: Players kill militants while trying to avoid civilian casualties, all while listening to Israel’s theme music.

Although, these specific games are being blocked, there are a number of other similar ones that aren’t, because they don’t name the ‘enemy’.

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