Google acquires Jetpac – city guide app

In a bid to build and develop better image search, Google acquires Jetpac

Tech giant Google has been trying to improve their search-around a location feature since a while now, with the new Jetpac city guide app takeover, it is likely to utilize the algorithms that Jetpac uses in its maps. The announcement was made on August 17, 2014 on the Jetpac website, however the price details were left out of the announcement.

google acquires jetpac

Jetpac is an app that analyzes publicly shared Instagram photos and recommends destinations based on that. It has an algorithm that scans photos for details and creates hotspots on a city map. The app currently provides customized geographic for 6,000 cities across the globe.

Google and Jetpac have a similar algorithm – works automatically and scans tons of data at once – so it is most probable that Google uses this technology to build on enhancing their services like Google+, Google Now and Google Maps. Earlier this year, Google launched an ‘Explore Nearby’ app that recommended venues based on weather and time of the day.

As part of the deal, Jetpac will be taking off its app from Apple’s App Store within a few days and discontinuing support for it from September 15, 2014. However, there has been no official word on the deal from Google.

Speculations will only be clarified once Google issues a formal statement.

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