Sony brings a perfume bottle shaped selfie camera

Now you can literally ‘spray’ yourself with selfies, with Sony’s perfume bottle shaped selfie camera.

Gone are the days when innovation was, having a microphone in a pen. Sony takes taking selfies to another level with their perfume bottle shaped Cyber-shot. While there is no official announcement, Digicame Info has leaked the camera specs last week. With the current trend of taking selfies, Sony will be focussing on marketing the Cyber-shot in Asian countries. The official launch will be on August 22, 2014 in China.


While its official launch is still a day away, Sony seems to have given a few pieces away to “female Chinese influencers and models”. The camera features a large lens that is smartly placed within the perfume bottle ‘cap’, which is a gold-tinted transparent brick. The cap can be rotated to accommodate regular snaps and selfies.

According to the specs posted on Digicame Info, the Cyber-shot will have a 19 megapixel resolution and a 1/2.3-inch Exmor RS sensor, which will place it in the league of the high-end smartphones.

It will have Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity along with the ability to run apps on it, which will facilitate quick uploads directly to Instagram, Facebook and other social networking websites.

Looking cool while taking a selfie just went to the next level with this innovation by Sony. A few years back this idea would have been lying at the bottom of the dustbin somewhere, but today we live in a world where crazy and absurd is the new cool. Whether or not the sales numbers soar, Sony can be rest assured that this ‘idea’ has created a wave on the social circuit.

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