Google Glass can now be used detect human emotions

With the help of an app created by Fraunhofer’s scientists, Google Glass can now be used to detect human emotions.

Years of research and experimenting by researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits has resulted in an app that can measure emotions through face detection. The technology is called SHORE which is short for Sophisticated High-Speed Object Recognition and the developers believe that this kind of technology will aid in communication for people who have disabilities.

The app when integrated with Google Glass will use facial recognition to identify visual information – gender, person’s age and emotions.

While the app is not out to the public yet, it could have a lot of useful applications, right from interactive gaming to helping visually impaired people connect with their surroundings.

In a press release, Fraunhofer said, “The foundation of the versatile SHORE™ solution lies in our extensive experience with detection and analysis technologies and a large database for machine learning. The technology is “trained” by accessing a database of more than 10,000 annotated faces. In combination with the structure-based features and learning algorithms, we can train so-called models that boast extremely high recognition rates.”

Facial recognition has become a big thing ever since Google Glass came into existence. While some may have apprehensions about the app being able to identify them, Fraunhofer was quick to clarify that the software will not be able to determine a person’s identity.

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