Facebook tests new search option for mobile users

Facebook tests new search option for mobile users trying to find older posts.

Finding posts from a few years ago just got easier with the new feature that Facebook is testing. The new search function that is being built for its mobile application will make the time taken for searching older posts much less. This search feature is likely to be an extension of the Facebook Graph Search that was launched in beta last year.

Facebook new search feature

Graph Search, which was launched in 2013, let users search for people, pages or groups under a particular criteria without visiting their profile. For example, typing ‘Everyone that likes cycling in New York’ will produce results showing everyone in New York who has listed cycling as a hobby/interest. This search tool was made available to some desktop users in beta and is still not accessible to a lot of desktop users.

The new search function will integrate functions of the graph search in mobiles and will work on the basis of keywords. The search crawler will go through comments, photo captions, interests, places, etc and bring up the relevant content.

The search feature will come with a privacy setting, where users can choose whether or not to include the post in search results.

Facebook has constantly been updating its service ever since it was launched. Recently, Facebook tested a satire tag that differentiated real news from satirical articles.

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