Meet Anti-Facebook social networking site Ello

The Anti-Facebook social networking site Ello is gaining popularity.

Launched in the spring of 2014, the new social networking website Ello is growing leaps and bounds. The website that has taken a direct hit at rival site Facebook, has launched in beta as invite only. While it is currently in public beta, the social networking website is said to be getting up to 31,000 requests to join per hour. So much so, that people took to selling invites on eBay.


For the last few weeks, the web has been aflutter with chatter about the new social networking platform. What is Ello? Ello is a social networking site that tries to cash on all the failing of the other social networking websites. The site has taken an anti-facebook stance that is quite apparent in the manifesto that was released by the website.

What makes Ello so popular is the disgruntled Facebook users who were irked by the lack of privacy and barrage of ads that were shown. Facebook users are fleeing Zuckerberg’s Facebook when they were shown an alternative.

Taking a direct dig at Facebook, Ello manifesto says, “Under the guise of offering a “free” service, users pay a high price in intrusive advertising and lack of privacy.”

The recent “real-name policy” by Facebook caused a massive public outrage, with a lot of members of the LGBT community being removed from the social network over not using their real name for their Facebook profile.

Ello was founded by a group of like-minded designers that was lead by Paul Budnitz. From a small online hangout of around 90 artists, the invite-only website now has over a million users.

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