Google tests live video chat with doctors

In a bid to putting an end to fake diagnosis, Google tests live video chat with doctors.

How often has it happened that you Googled the symptoms of any health issue you might be facing? A majority of the population prefers Googling the symptoms of their illness instead of running to a doctor and this often leads to people misdiagnosing themselves. It is this problem that Google wants to tackle, as they began testing a new feature where people could live video chat with doctors.

Google test live video chat with doctors

When a person searches for particular symptoms, Google will give them an option to chat with a doctor in real-time. The Helpouts-style feature is currently in the testing phase, so all the costs are borne by Google. However, depending on how well users respond to this, it may become a paid service through Google Wallet.

This service came about as a solution to people believing dubious sites that give sketchy advice about treatment for particular symptoms. More often than not, patients start believing that they are sicker than they actually are.

On the other hand, patients that want to visit a doctor, but are not able to due to travel or financial issues can avail this service which is likely to be cheaper than actually making a trip to the doctor’s clinic.

News of this first came about when a user posted a picture on imgur. Google later confirmed the news of the testing of the new feature to Engadget.

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