There is an app that will make you sleep better

An app called Sleep Better will make you actually sleep better.

Runtastic, a company that is most famous for its fitness softwares and hardware, has launched ‘Sleep Better’. Like the app’s name suggests, it will help people sleep better. The app is launched for both Android and iOS devices. The application will track how one sleeps and suggest corrective measures for the person’s sleep cycle.

Sleep better

Sleep Better uses the sensors on the phone to track a user in their sleep and then gives a detailed account of the results. It measures things like how much one toss and turn at night. It understands how a person sleeps and the app can set a smart alarm that will give the user the perfect amount of sleep and set an alarm for the best time.

The app is initially free, but users will have to shell out $1.99 to unlock the full version of the app, where they will be able to access some other features and will not be interrupted by ads. Once a person wakes up, there will be a set of few questions that the app will ask them. This would include things like what kind of dreams they had, how they felt after they woke up and write in any other nocturnal activities that they might have been experiencing.

For those who want to download the app, click here.

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