Cyborg Cockroaches to aid emergency services

Disaster management can be aided by Cyborg cockroaches.

At a time when the world is getting smarter and so are the innovations, a team at the North Carolina State University has developed a system by which humans could send microphone fitted cyborg cockroaches into disaster areas that could aid in rescue operations. They have the ability to venture into places that a lot of personnel or equipment would not have been able to.

Cyborg cockroaches

It might especially handy in situations where survivors are stuck under rubble. The cockroaches would be fitted with high performance microphones that would be able to pick up sounds that are would not be heard by humans in given situation. Also, these tiny creatures can crawl their way through the rubble and the microphones will be able to differentiate between sounds that are important – people calling for help – from sounds that are not important – water dripping from a pipe.

The procedure is very scientific. The researchers are using 2 set of cockroaches that will have different kinds of microphones fitted. One of them will be able to carry out an area wide search and pick up sounds, while another set of cockroaches will use three0microphone arrays to pin point the exact location of the source.

To make sure that cockroaches head in the right direction, they would be fitted with wireless circuits that would send electrical impulses to the antenna.

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