Microsoft to introduce new browser to replace Internet Explorer

A new report has revealed that US based software giant is all set to launch its Windows 10 Operating System, which will have the new browser codenamed Spartan. More reports have revealed that the new Spartan will be completely different from the regular Internet Explorer, which has faded away in recent times.

microsoft explorer

The new browser will be a ‘lightweight’ browser which will look more similar to Google’s Chrome browser. It will also be familiar with the Mozilla Firefox users. The Spartan will also be offered with IE and Windows 10 which is all set to come out in 2015. The current market is dominated by Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox while Internet Explorer is no more popular the way it used to be.

There was also a time when it used to dominate 90 percent of the web traffic on desktop and the laptop machines. But the market share has dropped to just 58 percent. Under the leadership of the new CEO Satya Nadella, the company has realized that in the modern world the software must be equipped with more than just Windows.

Microsoft in march had revealed a new version of Microsoft Office for Apple’s iPad and then in November it also debuted free versions of Excel, Word and Powerpoint versions for iPhone.

Photo Credits: cloudfront

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