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Sony’s PlayStation 4 launch further delayed in China

Playstation giant Sony has delayed the sale of the PlayStation 4 console in China. The company released a statement and said that the console sale in China has been delayed due to ‘various factors’.

PS4 china

Sony was originally supposed to launch the console in January 2015 and added that the new sale date has not yet been decided. A source from the company revealed that long negotiations with the Chinese authorities is one of the reasons of the delay. The launch of the PS4 would have marked the debut of the console in China.

China had put a ban on the foreign gaming consoles, but the 14 year long ban was lifted by Beijing in 2014. The ban lifting had also paved the way for software giant Microsoft to launch its latest XBox in China in September 2014. China is known for being the biggest console market but this time it seems like the console makers would have to clench their teeth to enter the market.

Several popular console manufacturers could not launch their consoles due to the strict censorship rules. Even Sony and Microsoft is facing a tough competition from the PC and mobile games which were dominating the Chinese market during the absence of the console games.

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