Energizer unveils power batteries made from recycled batteries

US based battery manufacturer, Energizer has announced a new line of batteries which are manufactured from old discarded batteries recycled. The company has said that these are world’s first batteries which are made with 4% recycled batteries.


Despite being made from recycled batteries, the company has said that the new AA EcoAdvanced batteries are high performance batteries. Energizer added that the experts had opined for a long time that it was impossible to make a high performance battery from the recycled parts of the battery. But Energizer made it possible after seven years of intense research.
The battery manufacturer has joined hands with some of the recycling companies in Europe and North America so as to improve and expand the processing capacity of the recycled batteries. Energizer said that the processing capacity is the most critical part of recycled batteries. The company hopes to expand the among of recycled battery materials to 40%.

The new EcoAdvanced batteries also some in AAA size and the smaller batteries have used 3.8 % recycled material. The company hopes to increase to use 40% of the recycled material by 2025. Energizer has not revealed what part of the recycled batteries are being used to make new batteries.

Photo Credits: 1800recycling

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