Google to launch own carrier soon

Search engine giant Google has decided to spread its arms even more and for the first time has confirmed its plans to offer connectivity to the mobile users in the US. The plans were unveiled by the senior vice president of Google Sundar Pichai at the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona on March 2, 2015.

sundar pichai

Pichai announced, “You’ll see us announce it in the coming months.” There were several reports earlier that the company is preparing a service which will be offered across an existing cellular network under the Google brand. However the senior vice president clarified that it will not be a full service mobile network that will be in competition with the existing carriers.

Pichai added that the new service will just be a platform , which can be used to experiment with the new services for Android smartphones. The work will be similar to that what Google does in hardware and works with its various partners on the Nexus line of devices.

Pichai at the event said that they have constantly tried to push the boundaries of what is next in hardware and software. The senior vice president also said that he hopes that the cellular carriers would get some ideas and innovations that it tries to be successful with the users.

Photo Credits: softpedia

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