Samsung tests prototype of Clear Truck

South Korean giant Samsung has some up with a smart safety solution for people who are stuck behind a huge truck on a 2-lane highway. The new Clear Truck has a wireless camera mounted on the front of the truck and four video screens at the back of the truck.

clear truck

The camera has night vision capabilities and projects the driver coming from behind a view of the front portion of the truck. The video projects live images and shows the drivers behind the semi when it is or when it is not safe for them to pass. A prototype was tested by Samsung in Argentina, where traffic accidents are common on many of the two-lane roads.
The aim is to reduce the number of accidents on the road including head on collisions that are caused by abrupt passing and allows the drivers to watch the possible hazards. The new technology is likely to reduce the need for sudden and emergency braking.
On the other hand, critics have said that the ‘Clear Truck’ might not be that useful on the multi-lane highways and that the image quality of the video screens might be a cause of concern. The prototype by Samsung is no longer operational but the company is working with the local nonprofits and the government regulators to make the technology commercially available.

Photo Credits: bt

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