Yahoo unveils new messaging app Livetext

Internet giant Yahoo unveiled its new messaging app Livetext on July 29, 2015. Yahoo has hopes that the new app will prove to be a good rival for the existing players like WhatsApp, Snapchat and others.

yahoo livetext

Some of the features of Livetext include peer-to-peer text, videos without audio so it is good for communicating with friends who have a loud voice. The application is now available for download for iOS and Android devices in the US, Canada, France, and Germany.
Adam Cahan from Yahoo at the media launch event in New York City said, “We wanted to create a new way to communicate, blending the simplicity of texting with the emotion and immediacy of live video, to make your experience spontaneous and real”.
If the users want to use Livetext then both the users need to have set up Livetext app accounts. For now group discussion feature is not available on the app. Yahoo has launched the new Livetext to give an answer to Twitter’s livestreaming app Periscope which allows the users to broadcast videos as well as write comments to an audience or selected individuals. So far Snapchat and Whatsapp are among the most popular messaging apps and time will tell if Yahoo manages to leave behind the existing players.

Photo Credits:tctechcrunch2011

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