Google launches Hangouts on Web

Search engine giant Google has been in the process of simplifying its Google + brand. Attempts are being made by the authorities to make the service more stable so that the products become independent. The latest product to get that treatment is Google’s Hangouts messaging platform.

google hangouts

Google has also given it a facelift on the mobile and Hangouts is now on the World Wide Web as it has its own website. It can be used on a browser with no plugin required. Google + in recent times has been one of the most controversial products among the Google Products. The service was in news as it embraced many aspects of other services of Google without offering any distinctive features and company executives.
One of the most high profile case was of the separation of Photos from Google+ Hangouts as it is always usable outside the social network. Earlier Hangouts could be accessed through computers in three ways, Google+site, Gmail and browser plugins. People who still remain, there is a dedicated website for the messaging service. The new set up has a few advantages for instance, the users do not need to have a Gmail or Google + constantly to open to chat.
Moreover, the users do not even have to install any other plugins either.

Photo Credits: anandtech

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