Canon develops 250 mega pixel sensor for surveillance purpose

Digital camera manufacturing giant Canon has developed a new 250 mega pixel sensor which can be used in digital cameras. The company says that the sensor is sensitive to read the letters of an aircraft which is 18 km away.

canon 250 sensor

Camera lovers need to sit back and relax as the company has also said that the gadget is not likely to be introduced in the domestic cameras or the smartphones. The new technology has been developed in the surveillance systems other similar applications. Canon added that it underwent several technical difficulties while developing the ultra high resolution sensor.
The company even specified that it faced signal and timing problems that were introduced while reading data from the 250 million pixels on board. Experts read data from the chip at the speed of 1.25 billion pixels per second. Canon added that it demanded improved signal processing systems so as to ensure that the pictures were taken well.
The new Canon sensor is 29.2mm (1.15in) by 20.2mm (0.79in) which is smaller than other sensors found in most of the 35mm digital cameras. Canon has also said that the sensor can shoot videos but at just five frames per second which is much slower than the rate that it needed for a film.

Photo Credits: aolcdn

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