Google and Microsoft to put an end to years of patent conflict

Search engine giant Google and software giant Microsoft have been involved in several patent cases filed in the US and Germany. The companies have said that they have decided to settle the ongoing patent cases that involve communications and video technology .

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Financial terms have not yet been discussed openly but Microsoft and Google have released a joint statement to announce an agreement on the patent issues. The agreement says that the companies will dismiss all the pending patent infringement litigations going on between them. Moreover, the companies have also agreed to join hands on some of the patent matters and will also be working together in other areas in future to benefit their customers.
The first claim was done by Microsoft that claimed in 2010 that smartphone makers using Google’s Android must pay royalties to mobile operating system infringed on certain patents. In one of the cases Motorola was targeted and claimed the Microsoft’s PC, Xbox product and mobiles used patented Wi Fi and video compression technologies.
Later search engine giant Google was brought in the case after purchasing Motorola Mobility. Google then sold the unit to Lenovo in 2014 and retained major of Motorola’s technical patents as a part of the deal.

Photo Credits: appleinsidercdn

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