Apple removes ad-blocking apps that can threat security

US based tech giant Apple has removed many of the ad-blocking apps from its Store which has created a risk of man-in-the-middle security breaches. The company has permitted ad blocks for Safari the banned apps can also block the ads from native apps by installing their root certificates.
Reports say that Apple has removed the Been Choice app. It is a software that removes the ads from Apple’s own News app. The company is also gathering behavioral data and sharing it with other companies that offer users points and cash rewards in exchange. So far no breaches have been reported and Apple has decided to pull the apps noting that they installed root certificates that enable the companies to monitor the customer network data which can in turn be used to compromise SSL/TLS security solutions.
The company has also said that it is working with the developers to quickly get the apps back on the App Store at the condition that there would be no risk to customer privacy and security. Beginning with the iOS 9 Apple has decided to allow the regular ad-blockers for Safari and other browsers under the condition that they do not monitor the user traffic.
Apple is also likely to demand that the root certificates and VPN monitoring features must be removed.

Photo Credits:technewstoday

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