Apple blocks access to Apple news in China

Tech giant Apple has banned its app Apple News for the overseas users. The iPhone users visiting China might not be able to access the application. The news reading app from Apple was launched in the United States in September, 2015. The app will be blocked as long as the users are connected to the Chinese telecom network.

It has also been clarified that the app has not been banned by the Chinese government but by Apple themselves. So citizens across the globe, who travel to China cannot access the app. Many users in China have reported that they are not able to access the application. One of the users, who runs a Hong-Kong based software start-up said that when they tried to open Apple News in China they were greeted with a message that this application is supported within the country.
Apple has deliberately banned the app for the users who open it in China. The company is apparently monitoring access to Apple News by examining the mobile network they are connected to. On the other hand an American based in Beijing, who purchased and registered his iPhone in the US told in an interview that he does not have any trouble accessing Apple News from Taiwan, where it is not available in the domestic app store.

Photo Credits: mshcdn

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