MSI Launches WindPad 100W Tablet PC In India

Gadget Herald: MSI or Micro-Star International, a Taiwan based computer and technology manufacturer, has launched the WindPad 100W tablet PC in India. This is the first tablet PC that has been launched in the country under the brand of MSI. India and other developing markets are already crowded business with upcoming tablets, which also promise to offer the customers with the best configuration.

So, now where does the WindPad 100W stand, is it in the crowd of tablets or something unique that the company has to offer. It features a 10.1inch touch screen with an extended battery life, this indicates the true Asia built features. There are USB 2.0 slots along with a HDMI slots on the tablet, in addition to this the memory can be expanded to 32GB.

The device could be running on the Windows 7 Premium operating system, and this is where doubts are being raised. This is the first tablet by the company and it is featuring a Windows OS, as it is known Microsoft has not been performing well in the tablet market. But thanks to the 2GB DDR2 RAM, the device is pretty fast and can handle the Windows with ease. Reports show the WindPad 100W will cost around Rs.34,990 in the Indian market.

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