Mastercard to turn every object in to device to make payments

There are various devices that run on the internet. The number of devices that run on internet are growing everyday. It is not just about the personal computers, smartphones and tablets even things like jewellery and clothes are turning in to devices which can be connected to the internet. Mastercard seems like taking the advantage of such uniqueness of technology and has launched a new programme that can turn any object in to a device that can be used to wireless pay for your purchases.
The object can be anything from a smartphone to a smart ring which can be turned in to a connecting device to be used to make payments. Wireless payment systems are slowly picking up trend and some of the major players in the industry are working hard on the technology. Mastercard is looking forward to think of something out of the box and may be in a few years time even the clothes that you wear might have the ability to be connected to the internet.
Mastercard might be the leader in terms of money and payments but wearable devices are not the ones that it is keen on. For the Commerce for Every Device programme , the company has joined hands with some of the main players in the industry.

Photo Credits: mobilesyrup

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