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Motorola to launch Moto Shop in Chicago

Many of the retailers are going the digital way and shutting down their physical stores. Motorola is looking forward to give its consumers a new shopping experience. The company will be opening an experiential boutique in downtown Chicago on November 7, 2015.

The boutique is officially known as the Moto Shop and will allow people to check out the latest Motorola Products that they usually see online as well as on Moto Maker. The new boutique has been opened in Chicago as it is Moto’s hometown and is where the upcoming Motorola products are sighted. It is also one of the fast rising tech hub in the country.
The new Moto Shop is the first from the company which will provide an interactive environment for the buyers. The buyers will be able to test the device before they make the purchase. The company has insisted that buying a new product must not be complicated. Many people read online reviews, order online and wait for the product to be delivered. But there are still people who prefer to first get their hands on the handset and see for themselves how it works.
The users will be able to see almost all the colors and material used to build a custom phone.

Photo Credits: vox-cdn

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