L’Oreal launches stretchable skin sensor to detect UV Exposure

French cosmetics and beauty company L’Oreal has launched its first-ever stretchable skin sensor that is designed to monitor UV Exposure. The ‘My UV Patch’ was revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in Las Vegas. The patch aims to help the consumers to educate themselves about sun protection by changing the color when the wearer is exposed to strong UV Rays.
The new patch is a transparent device that is about one square inch with photosensitive dyes and has a thickness of 50 micrometers which can be stretched and applied to any area of the skin. The users can also take a picture of the patch and upload them to the corresponding La Roche Posey My UV Patch Mobile app.
It helps to analyse the varying photosensitive dye squares to determine the amount of UV exposure the wearer has received. The new application will be available in iOS as well as Android. Guive Balooch, the Global Vice President of L’Oreal’s Technology Incubator said, “Connected technologies have the potential to completely disrupt how we monitor the skin’s exposure to various external factors, including UV”.
The patch will be launched by the group’s dermatological skincare brand LaRoche-Posay and will be made available to the customers.

Photo Credits: brandchannel

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