Google blocks ad blocking app

Search engine giant Google has blocked the Adblock Fast from Rocketship Apps from Google Play. The app has been downloaded 50,000 plus times and was blocked from the store. The search engine had reportedly sent an email to developer Brian Kennish.
The email mentioned, “I reviewed Adblock Fast…and found that it violates section 4.4 of the Developer Distribution Agreement. This particular app has been disabled as a policy strike.” The section that is in question requires the developers not to distribute apps that interfere other installed services including the profitable advertisements.
When technically seen at the app the Adblock Fast disrupts the website. On the other hand it was pointed out that Adblock Fast was sanctioned by Samsung Internet app and was used an official API to block content. A spokesperson from Google said that they do not comment on any specific apps but can confirm that their policies are designed to provide a great experience for the users and the developers.
This is not the first time Google has blocked an ad blocking app. Even in 2013 the search engine had blocked applications that allowed for ad blocking and included the AdBlock Plus. Later the company launched a full version of the ad blocking browser for iOS and Android.

Photo Credits: marketingland

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