Notion Ink Adam Tablet upgraded to Honeycomb OS, still facing shipment delays

Gadget Herald: Notion Ink’s Adam Tablet has been ungraded to the Honeycomb OS, but it is still facing shipment delays from the nation. There was an incident reported to have taken place during the shipment of the units, as the containment shipment was involved in an accident and all the units were cancelled. Sinotek is the Chinese partner who manufactures the device for the Indian based company Notion Ink.

Sinotek has shown its regrets over the incident and has promised it will manufacture all the lost shipment, even as the country heads toward’s the Chinese New Year. As the manufacturing commenced, Notion Ink has upgraded the device to the Honeycomb Operating System, in a move to provide better performance, usability and features.

The software development kit of the Honeycomb OS will be shared with the manufacturers very soon. One can accept that Notion Ink is an upcoming technology company from India, but they should have had a plan B for such accidents. Now the company is thankful for the fact that very few customers of theirs have been affected by delay, the rest still have their hopes on Notion Ink.

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