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New Update For Android WhatsApp Users

You better agree to updates on WhatsApp, as the Facebook-owned chat app has some interesting updates coming up for Android users. Those who have the latest 2.12.535 version will be able to get access to features that would make sharing that much easier and efficient.

So, what are the changes exactly? Well, for starters, the first update is where one can either Italicize or make Bold their text. Those who don’t have this version will instead see underscores (_) and asterisks (*) until they bring their devices up-to-date. For example, for bold text, it will appear as *WhatsApp* while for italics, it will appear as _WhatsApp_.

Another great update is that now Google Docs can be shared through WhatsApp. This means that documents created online can be transferred to someone else. Of course, we don’t find the connection between Google Docs that are usually used for official purposes, and WhatsApp that’s mostly seen as a more casual place to hang virtually. Nonetheless, your Google Docs will be converted to PDF format and shared. When you click the Share button, the very first option is about sharing Documents that takes you to your Gmail account.

Not everyone has been invited to use the latest updated version of the App. iOS and Windows Phone users do not have this option yet, as it seems to be more of a trial-and-error method, to check the response of users. Still, people will continue to use and benefit greatly from one of the most long-standing and popular chat forums in the age of smartphones.

Visit the official WhatsApp website.

There have been a lot of updates happening on WhatsApp, that included the addition of more Emojis of significance like the race-inspired ones as well as gender-neutral smiley faces. Rumors had dropped recently that WhatsApp will introduce video chat, after challenging Skype with free calling (data charges applicable!).

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