China develops robot soldier to control rioting humans

As a part of China’s anti-terrorism measures, the country has developed robot soldier that will have the ability to control rioting humans. The new AnBot is 1.5 meters in length and weighs more than 150 kgs.
While patrolling, it can reach the speed of 18 kms. The new robot soldier has been designed and built by the National Defence University and has various sensors to detect unrest. The robot can be controlled remotely under dangerous situations as it deploys an electrical charged riot control tool, which is presumably similar to a police baton or a Taser.
The new machine was showcased at the exposition in southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality. Civilians who are in distress can also have the option to press the SOS button on the body that will send an alert to the police. In recent times, China has invested plenty of money in to military robotics.
In November 2015, armed attack robots carrying riffles and grenade launchers to fight terrorism were unveiled at the 2015 World Robot Conference held in Beijing. On the other hand one of the Japan based robotics firm said that the skills of such machines are limited as they cannot perform all the actions. More research is being done on robots on improving their abilities.

Photo Credits: popsci

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