WhatsApp working on native app for Windows and Mac

Instant messaging app WhatsApp has so far remained only a mobile service. But now it seems like it is working towards native apps for Windows and Mac. There are a few screen shots that were shared by the Twitter account of WABetalnfo. So if the reports turn out to be true then the service might soon be available on computers and laptops.
However, even now WhatsApp can be used on Windows and Mac but that has to be done through a web browser. The phone needs to be paired with the device with the help of a QR code. Moreover it is also essential for the phone to have a working internet connection or the service will not be available on the computer.
But now if the new native app materializes for Windows and Mac then it will offer functionality which will be similar to that the users get on Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger. On these chat services, once the users log in, it offers full functionality.
On the other hand WhatsApp has always maintained its major selling point of simplicity and there are about a billion users of WhatsApp. The company is still working on adding more features. In the past few months, the company has added some new features including ability to share files.

Photo Credits:express

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