Google proposes new emojis to showcase women in different professions

Employees from the search engine giant Google have proposed a new set of emojis that aim to promote gender equality at workplace. The new proposed emojis have represented women as cartoon engineers, chemists, farmers, plumbers, doctors and more.
The 13 new emojis were presented on May 10, 2016 at the Unicode Consortium which is a Silicon Valley that runs an emoji Subcommittee overseeing the creation of new emojis. Four of the employees from Google in their proposal said, “No matter where you look, women are gaining visibility and recognition as never before”. The employees added that it is time that even the emojis reflect the role that women play in every walk of life and in every profession.
The popularity of emojis have increased in recent times and there has been a growing debate on diversity and has prompted the creation of more creative emojis with diverse faces. Millions of people across the globe use emojis and consider it as an important medium of communication.
It was also noticed that women under 30s are the most frequent emoji users so far. The proposal also said that it is not surprising that women and men are now more vocal about their need for more accurate female representation in emoji professions.

Photo Credits: androidcentral

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