Opera browser launches new power saving mode

Web Browser Opera has launched a new power saving mode for the developer version. With the new launch, the company has claimed that the new mode will help a Widows laptop’s battery save battery life of up to 50 percent compared to Google Chrome.
When the laptop is unplugged from the main switch, a small icon appears on the top right of the browser which has to be clicked by the user to activate the feature. The web browser has explained that the power saving is done through various means including paused unused plug-ins, reducing memory consumption by background tabs and optimizing video playback.
The new claims by the company are quite impressive but one has to wait and watch how the feature actually works in real world. The figures of battery saving has come from the tests that were performed by Opera on a Lenovo X250 laptop that runs on Windows 10 with a Core i7 processor and 16 GB RAM.
While testing the browser opened 11 popular websites that included YouTube, scrolling each website five times and leaving them for a minute and then closed the tabs. This process was repeated until the laptop ran out of battery. However, the company has not specified how it operates with different browsers.

Photo Credits: staticworld

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