Google plans to block Flash by default for Chrome users

Search engine giant Google is looking forward to make the HTML 5 the primary experience in Chrome. The progress is expected to happen by the fourth quarter this year and there will be an exception of ten sites that will run on the Adobe Flash Player.
Google has revealed the plan known as the ‘HTML 5 by Default’ under which the Chrome browser will continue to ship with Adobe’s Flash Player, however its presence will not be advertised by default. If a website offers HTML 5 that will be the default experience for the users. On the other hand the sites that need Flash to be displayed, a prompt will show up at the top of the page when the user first visits the site.
Through the prompt, the users will have an option of running or declining to run Flash on the site. Google said, “If the user accepts, Chrome will advertise the presence of Flash Player and refresh the page”. With frequent visits, the initial choice of the user will be saved but Google is still working on the options for future.
The HTML 5 provides a more integrated experience for the users with faster loading time and also helps in lower power consumption.

Photo Credits: wpengine

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