Uber launches feature to track family members

Taxi service Uber has introduced a new feature on its mobile app that can track your friends and family in real time while they are taking the Uber cabs. The new feature is known as the Trip Tracker and provides automatic notifications and the ability to follow along the map when some of the family members are taking the Uber cab.
In this way the users can be aware of the whereabouts of the family members especially for those who are concerned about their safety. This is possible only within the family profiles and the Trip Tracker also helps to keep tabs on Uber spending. So the cost of the ride that is being tracked is also billed to the viewer automatically.
The viewer gets a copy of the receipt apart from the rider. The new feature can be enabled by having the latest version of the app and setting up the Family Profile. The Trip Tracker will not allow the user to track anyone else’s trips unless they are included in the family profile.
For tracking other users, there is a different app known as Share my ETA. Share my ETA works only if a person in the car decides to share their location with other users.

Photo Credits: councilchronicle

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