LG G-Slate Tablet PC will feature 3D technology

Gadget Herald: The LG G-Slate tablet PC has been sighted and the latest video has come up on YouTube, in addition to that it shows this device will feature 3D technology. Yes it is true, LG has finally produced a tablet PC of its own, and it should be in the market very soon. The 3D display will be glasses free, and it is something similar to the Nintendo 3DS.

In the video, it was noticed there were some holes behind the device, which signifies it does have a camera, its completely a touch screen and it is running on the Android 3.0. It also has a front camera, so video chat feature is available, the processor is an NVIDIA’s Tegra 2, and the screen is 8.9inches in size.

The resolution of the device is massive, it is around 1280×720 pixels, appropriate for an 8.9inch device. The device will be launched with the T-Mobile career in the US, and is priced at $400 a piece. The period from when the device should be available has not yet been disclosed.

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