Google to introduce password-free logins for Android

Search engine giant Google is planning to emit the need for passwords in favour of the systems that will consider the combination of the signals like the user’s typing patterns, walking patterns, current locations and more. The new system will be available for the Android developers by the year end.
Google made the announcement about the Project Abacus at the Google I/O development conference. The head of Google’s research unit ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects) Daniel Kaufman briefed about the project.
The Project Abacus was first introduced at Google’s I/O in 2015, where it was described as an ambitious plan to emit the need of passwords and pins from the users to the device. Now days the secure logins that are used by banks or other enterprises, require more than just the username and password. They also require a unique pin that is generated through an SMS or is emailed. Such an authentification is known as two-factor authentication.
On the other hand with Project Abacus, the users will have to unlock their devices with a cumulative ‘Trust Score’. This score will be calculated with a number of factors including current location, typing patterns, voice patterns and speed. Project Abacus differs from other applications as it runs in the background on the device and collects data about the user to form its Trust Score.

Photo Credits: indianexpress

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