McDonalds free coupon hoax hits instant messaging network

Another hoax that had hit the instant messaging networks, was about McDonalds giving discount coupons as a part of its birthday celebration. The message was proved to be a hoax and the scammer managed to make enough money through people who fell prey to the fake message.
The message said that people needed to fill in a survey while answering few easy questions and share the same with their friends on their WhatsApp friend list. The message has a link that takes the user to another website with the advertisement and after the user finishes giving answers, it has to be shared with 10 to 20 people after which, it promises to give a Rs. 900 coupon.
However, nothing happens after that as the user has just clicked on links, watches some ads and spread the rumour to many people. The scammer has managed to earn a lot of money through the clicks. A similar scam had surfaced about WhatsApp Gold in which the invitation gave an opportunity to install the app which has many more features included video calling. But the fact is that the feature is currently being tested by the WhatsApp development team.
The user ended up installing a third party app along with malware apps and advertisement apps.

Photo Credits: hoax-slayer

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