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Apple defends ban of iPhones sales in China over patent issue

US based tech giant Apple is fighting against a ruling by the municipal authorities in Beijing that its iPhone designs have infringed a patent by a Chinese manufacturer. The ruling has said that the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus phones looked very similar to the 100C phone by Shenzhen Baili.
However, Apple phones are still available and experts and analysts have said that this is not going to affect the sales across the nation. The Company Shenzhen Baili is not a popular name in the mobile market and that the market is flooded with phones that resemble the iPhone. The recent patent dispute is the latest setback for Apple in the Chinese market.
The Chinese market is one of the most important markets for Apple amidst the slowdown of the smartphone sales across the globe. It was noticed that the sales of the iPhone fell 26% in China in the last quarter while there was a 16% drop in sales worldwide.
Billionaire investor, Carl Icahn, who was once Apple’s largest outside investor, dumped his whole stake in the company due to the hostile attitude of the Chinese government. Even the iTunes Movies and iBooks services were made to shut down due to the new government restrictions on publishing online material.

Photo Credits: telegraph

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