Google launches Android Pay Day for UK users

Search engine giant Google launched its Android Pay service in the UK about a month ago. So as to make sure that the users continue using it on a regular basis, the company has launched a promotion scheme.
Google launched the Android Pay Day which is a monthly event that will make the last few days before the actual payday a little more bearable. Once in every 30 days, users who make use of Android Pay will be able to take advantage of offers from the service’s selected partners.
The Pay Day is beginning in June and will consist of two lucrative offers for the users. For instance Starbucks is offering buy one get one free offer on its Frappucinos that are loved by people who love their coffee chilled. Moreover, food delivery service Deliveroo is offering its users a fiver off from their first order for spending from Android Pay through its dedicated app.
The existing users who are already aware of the delights of getting food delivered at their homes, will get a discount of £2.50 that works out as a free delivery. For the users, these offers aren’t the only ones and more deals are due to be offered next month.
Photo Credits:  telegraph

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