Google Calendar service faces outage

Search engine giant Google’s Calendar service was down for more than two hours for many of the users in the morning on June 30, 2016. Representatives from Google assured that they are looking in to the issues faced by Google Calendar and that would soon provide more information on it.
When many of the users tried to open Google Calendar, they were directed to a page that said that it was having a service error but the cause of the outage is still not known. The issues were also discussed on Hangouts where many of the users joined conference calls through Calendar invites. The actual reason of the outage is still not known but the problem was also discussed on Twitter which revealed that users from across the globe were affected.
The users have an option to view the status of different status of Google at the App Status Dashboard. But the Dashboard at present shows Calendar in orange which means that there is a ‘service disruption’. If there would have been a red color then it meant that there is a full on ‘service outage’.
The search engine has earlier faced many service disruptions for instance when the third party login service had gone down in April, 2016 and that outage had lasted for about two hours.

Photo Credits: venturebeat

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