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Mind-Blowing Features For Apple’s iPhone 7


‘Tis the season to prepare yourself for another speculated bestseller. Crossing our fingers and hoping that every rumour, leaked video or image we get of the soon-to-be released iPhone 7 is true, here are some mind-blowing features of Apple’s iPhone 7:

Bigger Battery

So it seems Apple has taken custom complaints into consideration – drained battery life, anyone? The new iPhone 7 will have a 1960mAh battery – this will help power Apple’s new A10 processor and keep those selfies alive.

No Earphone Jack, But…

Yes, a very reliable source, as well as leaked images show that the iPhone 7 is not going to have a typical earphone jack that every other smartphone has to offer. Instead, Apple may include a Bluetooth device or Lightning port for music and answering calls. What the iPhone 7 will have, however, is something similar to its iPad brother – 4 speakers! Two on top and two at the bottom, for more quality audio sound.

New Colors

Apple does a fine job of making smartphones with banging features, not to mention sleek, classy exteriors. Prime example: rose gold. Now, the Apple iPhone 7 will come in two more brilliant colors that will look just as good as they sound – Deep Blue and Space Black. It is rumoured that the relatively popular Space Grey will not be a part of this latest edition, but who’s complaining when you’ve got the night sky covering your iPhone?

More Storage

For Apple, 32GB is too less. So, they might just be coming up with additional storage for the iPhone 7. How much? A cool 256GB! Of course, phones will still be available with 32GB, but there will be higher choices of 64GB and 128GB as well. Prices, of course, will vary depending on the features.

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