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Flipkart to give away Samsung Galaxy Pop S5570 on a pre-order price of Rs.8,999/- in India

Gadget Herald: Flipkart is giving away Samsung’s latest creation, the Galaxy Pop S5570 also known as the Galaxy Mini at a pre-order price of Rs.8,999 in India. The S5570 will hit in the Indian markets in the month of February and there are already great expectations from this phone. The phone has a 3.14inch touch screen and is running on the Android 2.2 FroYo.

The phone comes loaded with Wi-Fi and 3G, GPRS and Bluetooth connectivity, this pinpoints the device is reasonably priced according to the features it offers. The 3.14inch screen provides a 240×320 pixel resolution, which provides better sharpness and image quality as per the screen size.

The internal memory of the phone is around 160MB, in addition to that it has a 3.5 mega pixel camera. Galaxy Pop S5570 has some more additional features, but they have not been disclosed by the company, but the launch is very much expected in India, as it will give a strong competition to its competitors in the Indian market.

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