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Game Launches to Look Forward to This December 2016!

‘Super Mario Run’ hits iOS on December 15! ‘Don Bradman Cricket 17’ is out on December 22.

December is usually a frustrating month for video game fans but with the expected game releases December 2016, this years is proving to be an exception. During this December, not only will we see Super Mario Run make its debut on the iOS, but also the release of the last guardian and many more. The following games are worth looking forward to:

1. The Walking Dead: A New Frontier


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Developed by Telltale Games, this release is similar to the earlier releases and takes you on a whole new adventure. This game will be released on December 20 and will cost $25. It’s important to note that the disk release will be early next year and will only have episode one, you’ll have to download the rest.

2. Dead Rising 4


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Want to kill some more zombies? Well, you can on Dead Rising 4. Dead Rising fans will be glad to see the original protagonist, this time voiced by a new actor. It may take some time to get used to for those who played the original releases but its ridicule on black Friday, zombie apocalypses and consumerism is worth taking part in. The game will be released on 6th December on Windows 10 and Xbox One. A release on Steam and PS4 will be available in three months. The game will cost $60 in the USA.

3. Super Mario Run


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Nintendo surprised us with an announcement during the iPhone7 launch that Super Mario will be available for download in the US App Store from December 15 and will cost $10. Users can play three models for free and pay if they like it. Don’t worry if you are an android user, the game will be available in 2017.

4. Steep


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Ubisoft announced Steep at the E3 2016 and is a game where players can paraglide, ski and snowboard across the Alps in an open world. Steep has online features such as leader boards for rankings, multiplayer options and an open game world for all players, this is a definite checkout! Steep’s release date is December 2nd and is only available digitally. This game costs $60 across all platforms.

5. Don Bradman Crocket 2017


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This is one of the best cricket games and the 2017 version will feature realistic player models, lighting systems and better control. It will be available from December 22 on Xbox One and PS4. PC gamers will have to wait a bit longer to download the game with the release expected on 22nd January.

6. The Last Guardian


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Finally the Last Guardian is on the game releases December 2016 list having been in development for ages. The game will be released on different dates across the world, we don’t know what that’s all about but we are just glad that The Last Guardian is finally here. It will be released on 6th Dec in the US, 7th Dec in Europe and India; the UK will receive it on 9th December. The game will be exclusive to PS4 and PS4 Pro and will cost $60.

This list of game releases this month will surely keep you busy during the festive period and beyond!

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