Will the Apple Airpods be Ready for Shipping Within the Next Few Weeks? The Mystery Continues…


  • AirPods were expected to be shipped in October 2016, then got pushed to November 2016
  • Tim Cook said in an allegedly leaked Email – that the AirPods will be reayd for shipping in the coming weeks
  • According to prevelant rumours, the Apple AirPods won’t be ready for shipping before January 2017

The long-awaited Apple Airpods will hopefully be available for purchase soon or as Apple CEO Tim Cook put it “in the next few weeks”. Customers have been anxiously waiting for the release of the $159 Airpods since late October when Apple had promised that they would be released. After which there were some speculations that the Airpod would be released on November 3o, but that still din’t happen!

Why have the Apple Airpods become a big deal?

  1. The new model of iPhones 7 and 7 Plus handsets are headphone-jackless.
  2. The Airpods are powered by Apple’s new W1 wireless chip. The W1 chip is the company’s first wireless chip that enables super-fast pairing with the iPhone.
  3. The Airpod enables Siri and the specially designed microphone can filter out external sound and focus on voice.
  4. Many people think the Airpods could be a perfect item to be on Christmas gifts list.

Some customers think that the delayed release of the audio accessory is intentional, citing that Apple might be planning on releasing it as a “Christmas surprise”. Others have started becoming impatient since the Airpods are essential for the functionality of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.


What does the email From Apple CEO, Tim Cook say?

Sorry, but the shipment will be rolled out in the next few weeks” – Tim Cook in his email to customer

An email by Tim Cook that was meant to address a customer’s grievances about the delay confirms that the wait will soon be over as Apple will start shipping the wireless Airpods soon. However, the email did not reveal a specific release date and also there have been no comments from the company since the sent email was allegedly leaked.

In light of the alleged email, Macrumors verified its source and confirmed that it originated from the corporate servers of Apple. While it’s not unusual for Apple executives to respond to customers occasionally, the possibility of the email being faked cannot be ruled out completely.

For now, Airpods are still listed as ‘currently unavailable’ and ‘coming soon’ on Apple’s website so it’s not quite clear whether they will indeed be released this December or not?

Hopes are high that the Airpods will be “ready for customers” soon because we are growing weary of the long wait!

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