Microsoft Home Hub Set to Compete Against Amazon Echo & Google Home

Microsoft Home Hub- Outlines it’s Plans to Complete With Amazon Echo & Google Home

Windows 10 will be different following the revelation that Microsoft is working on a ‘Home Hub’ feature for its platform. The feature will allow users of Windows 10 to command their computers through voice. This feature comes in the backdrop of implementation of similar platforms such as Amazon echo and Google Home.

Microsoft Partners With Intel for Project Evo

The company has also partnered with processor manufacturer Intel in a project dubbed Project Evo to develop the hardware for the feature that will allow its operations in tablets, laptops, and PCs. The far-field speech communication abilities Terry Myerson the executive vice president of the Windows and the Device Group at the computer giant provided details of the various companies that will be working with the company.

In a blog post, the executive mentioned that the feature would come with a far-field speech communication that would allow users to use it across the room. He also specified on the security capabilities, that would protect the devices siting in bio-metric authentication.

Other features that should be expected include mixed reality experiences and gaming developments. Customer focused Cortana that is installed in the hardware allows the adoption of the latest technology in artificial intelligence. The customers create the device by adjusting it to their desired specifications. The anticipation of the device is overwhelming as expressed by Myerson.


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Features of the Microsoft Home Hub

However, the company cites that it does not intend to make the device similar to its predecessors such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, but offer its customers the right software that competes these products. Among the features expected is- react to voice commands, perform activities, support wake on voice, and have the far field communications capabilities. Users should still expect the smart speaker feature that is based on the PCs, 2-in-1s, tablets and even the all in ones.

The product is not expected to have been launched before late 2017. However, it should extend to android and iOS devices through the Cortana App. The company is said to be involved in discussions with hardware manufacturers such as Lenovo and HP to adapt the hardware to the features.

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