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The Revolutionary Bluetooth 5 Officially Released

Bluetooth is a wireless connection standard that enables electronic devices to communicate with each other across small distances. A few months back there were rumors of a new Bluetooth 5; an upgrade from the standard 4.2 version. Today, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has come out with the announcement of the launch of the new version.

Bluetooth 5 Features

1. It has an increased bandwidth of about 2 Mpbs.

2. The new device is expected to have at least eight times broadcasting message capacity.

3. It has a two times faster bandwidth and the range mode is four times better even when the energy level is low, making it perfect for smartphones and smartwatches. It can additionally transfer more information.

4. It will still operate on 2.4 GHz frequency.

5. The new standard is going to improve and support IoT devices which are growing in number everyday. The SIG said that the upgrades will revolutionize the way Bluetooth devices transmit information, where users don’t have to download an app or connect an app to a device.

6. The new standard is coming with a two time faster range mode meaning that the user can connect to a portable speaker and not have to worry about wandering too far without the phone stopping your music or podcast. A user can extend beyond the walls of his or her home.

7. Bluetooth SIG have notably dropped the ‘ .0 ‘ and the ‘ v ‘ from the version number and they have explained the reason for this is to simplify marketing and communicate the user benefits in an easier manner.

8. Bluetooth 5 is also expected to improve location services. It will help improve location based functionality by boosting the uptake of beacon technology meaning that it can be able to convey information to other compatible devices without having an actual connection. Release Dates It has been confirmed by SIG that the release date for

Bluetooth 5 will be late 2016 or early 2017. Once manufacturers built it into their devices, we should expect the new version in mid-2017.

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