Google Starts Migration of Google Drive Subscription Billing to Play Store

All Google Drive Subscriptions moved to Play Store in an attempt to streamline Google’s paid services

A few weeks ago the internet giant announced that it will move Google Drive subscription to the Play Store in January and it seems that this feature is already live for some users.

According to an AndroidPolice report, user can already check to see if their account has been moved under the Billing section at Google’s Play Store. For those can’t find it, will receive the updated billing system from Google, later this month.

Google has clearly stated that these changes in Google Drive’s Billing system will have no impact in the current terms and conditions of Google Drive or it’s subscription rates. All these changes are aimed at streamlining Google’s subscription based services under Google Play Store’s Billing System.

It has also been clearly stated by Google that this will have no impact on Google Drive’s Help Center Support mechanism and other features, including offline access of files.

Other latest features added by Google to Google Drive include a new backup feature for iOS users which allows them to easily migrate all their backed up data, files and contacts from iOS to Android with ease. Now iOS users of Google Drive will be able to automatically sync in all Contacts, all events will get added to Google Calendar and all photos and video will get updated on Google Photos.

One upside of Google Drive Subscription’s billing change?

You can now buy Google Drive storage with your Google Play Credits!

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