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Vodafone to sell the latest Nokia E7 smartphone in the UK

Gadget Herald: Vodafone, leading wireless carrier in the UK will launch the Nokia E7 smartphone in the country but the company has not yet mentioned the pricing of the device. The phone has a QWERTY keypad which slides out sideways, and that is indeed full of exquisite style. The phone is not be confused with the N8, as it looks similar to it, but it is smaller in size.

The phone comes with a 4inch OLED touch screen, runs on the Qualcomm ARM11-based processor, 256MB RAM, GPS and Wifi are standard, and in addition to this, it is running on the Symbian^3 operating system. The phone also has an 8 megapixel camera and 16GB inbuilt memory.

As of now, no other wireless operator has announced the launch of the E7 nor has the price of the device been disclosed. It is expected, the shipping of this device should begin from month of February 2011. Vodafone will provide a SIM free device without any annual contract.

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